This is the website for the Reed Lab's Butterfly Genome Database at Cornell University.

This site provides a portal for searching and browsing high quality butterfly genome assemblies that are annotated with specialized data types including gene expression (e.g. RNA-seq), chromatin structure, and SNP variation. Data will be added on a rolling basis, and we encourage contributions from other research groups.

    Blast: Search genome assemblies and gene predictions using Blast. Genome browser links are embedded in Blast result for your convenience.

    Genome Browser: We use the UCSC genome browser as the most powerful current interface for manipulating and viewing complex data tracks. On this page you can go directly to any relevant coordinate in any genome we host.

    Downloads: Download genome assemblies and accessory data tracks, as well as custom scripts from Reed Lab publications.

    Citations: Publications to cite for specific data sets.

Please note that there are many additional lepidopteran genomes available for searching and browsing at LepBase. Our site focuses on a smaller subset of genomes, but offers more data types and a different set of sophisticated data visualization tools.